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Proud to Capture the Moments that Define your History

Welcome to the 2023-2024 photography season. Creative Ink is the school photographer for Knox City-O’Brien CISD, Munday CISD, and Paint Creek ISD which includes a variety of photography services including: school portraits, senior portraits, sports portraits, and sports action photos. Creative Ink is also the on-site portrait photographer for ESC 9 Education Service Center, Wichita Falls, Texas and Knox County Hospital District. Creative Ink also serves the region with print media design and printing, documentary photography services, location photography services, and professional studio portraits in the studio and on-site. 

Upcoming Events at Knox City-O'Brien, Munday, Paint Creek and ESC9 ...

2023_11_13-2024_02_17 Basketball Season_Sports Action Photography 

2023_12_04 KCHS BSKT Girls Portraits 

2023_12_05 KCHS BSKT Boys Portraits

2023_12_05 KCJH BSKT Girls Portraits 

2024_01_10 Paint Creek Senior Portraits

2024_01_10 Paint Creek Kindger Grad Portraits

2024_01_10 Paint Creek Class Portraits

2024_01_10 Paint Creek Campus-Wide Portrait 

2024_03_07 Munday Senior Portraits

2024_03_08 KCHS Senior Portraits

In preparation of the new sports action photo year,

Sports Action Photos are archived by July 31 annually.

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Proud to Capture the Moments that 

Define your History


 A Proud Member of the KODAK team of Professional Photographers.
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